Challenges faced by Customers

  • Entire Plant Information to be Available readily and at single place. Plant information is available in scattered way and not integrated.
  • Data, Information to be stored securely.
  • Plant information must be available in order to drive improvements.
  • In order to access the vast amounts of process information from a plant, and use the information effectively, users require a system that presents the collected information in a timely way that is both concise and easy to understand.
  • Fitting seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, a PIMS system allows managers, engineers, operators, etc. to obtain appropriate information suitable for their job role.
  • Analysis of the available information/data and help in decision making process.

Our Solutions

  • Integration of various types of control systems of the plant right from relay based controls up to high end PLC or DCS to collect & maintain total plant information at a central data database system.
  • Analysis of production performance, product quality, process capacity and control compliance.
  • Provide Key Performance Index (KPI) to improve decision-making processes.
  • Data Analysis for decision support and documentation.
  • Consolidation of data from different sources (ERP, Laboratory, PLC, DCS...)
  • Integration of off-line data (laboratory, calculations, future load profiles)
  • Access via the company-wide Intranet and remote locations through web based thin client or TCP/IP based thick client.
  • Enriching / refining raw data
  • Event-driven calculations
  • Long-term archiving of data and reports (over many years)  

Customer Advantages

  • Better-organized Production data
  • More Efficient Troubleshooting of Quality Problems
  • Enhanced Functionality of Control System
  • Increased Operator Empowerment and Improved Operational Decision Making
  • This is achieved by transforming integrated operational data from all facets of the business into usable, high-value business information, which becomes part of the enterprise's vital decision support tool set.
  • Our solutions have benefit to your business profitability as our solutions help in data analysis and decision making in the right direction.