Problems faced by our customers:

  • Every plant, equipment or system has a limited life cycle. Even with the best care and regular maintenance, the performance & efficiency reduces with time.
  • Many systems of the plant get obsolete due to lack of adequate support from OEM and increased maintenance.
  • It becomes the need of the hour to upgrade & modernize the plant to comply with new environment norms & government regulations.

Our Solutions:

Staying current with latest Automation Technology can be a huge advantage in a keeping company’s costs down, improve performance, and ultimately stay competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Our Control System Upgrade Solutions include but are not limited to: 

  • Retrofit new PLC, Drive & electrical controls into existing equipment
  • Custom Fit new electrical controls into pre-existing, pre-cabled spaces
  • Custom Build equipment enclosures & controls to fit existing plant footprints
  • Standard Solution Retrofit designs for many different manufacturer's.
  • PLC Programming & HMI Development
  • Operator and Maintenance control stations & troubleshooting systems
  • Integration and coordination with Drives and other systems
  • Software Interfacing between new and old control systems

What we also take care of is;

  • Cost Savings through re-use of viable existing equipment / system and newer automation where applicable. 
  • Reduction in Installation Downtime by performing installation and commissioning work around before scheduled maintenance or outage time. 
  • Less production downtime due to better troubleshooting diagnostics, and replacement of obsolete equipment.
  • Smooth migration of legacy control systems to current technology.
  • Ensure equipment availability, performance & production quality.
  • Improved Safety through a comprehensive system design with state of the art technology.

Customer Benefits:

We provide our customers with the most optimized, cost effective solutions for Renovation & Modernization required for the plant which benefits to;  

  • Improve Plant Efficiency
  • Augment Capacity
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Extending unit life for obsoleted systems
  • Improve Availability & Reliability 
  • Improve Safety
  • Development of new control system for partial upgrade & retrofitting with the existing control system

Technofine can add lot of value to your plan of Renovation & Modernization.

We can be your best steadfast support in your most amazing journey of transformation!