Our field service engineers and technicians are trained and experienced to support your onsite needs 24/7. From scheduled start-up, outage, or commissioning work to unplanned emergency troubleshooting, service or equipment replacement you can rely on Technofine Automation when you need assistance anywhere in the world.

Our range of services include;  

  • Field Engineering Services
  • Testing & Commissioning of Instruments
  • Calibration Services - Field Instruments, Control Valves, etc.
  • Cold loop testing
  • Hot loop testing
  • Cable Insulation testing
  • Control System commissioning
  • Logic verification in control system
  • Logic Functionality Testing
  • Logic modification
  • I/O addition
  • Process parameter tuning
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Factory Acceptance Test support
  • Site As built documentation work

We provide services for all phases of commissioning; 

  • Pre-Commissioning - Erection and Installation of various equipment’s, cabling & terminations.
  • Core Commissioning - Cold and Hot trials related to production process of the plant.
  • Post-Commissioning - Observation period for commissioned systems including SAT / PG Tests, Training of customer operation staff on site.